What does success mean to you?

You are Rowan Connors, the neighborhood delinquent just starting Grade 10. After parental abandonment and mistreatment, neglect from teachers, and a surplus of boredom, Rowan's life is on a bit of a downward spiral, leading to vandalism and petty theft to get any sort of kick out of life.

Raeburn Westley is your art teacher, 55 years old, legally separated and about to retire. He's not especially fond of Rowan, but since he's the only teacher left who doesn't consider the kid a monster, he's the most important character in your quest for a better life.

During your first week of school, you'll meet a large cast of fellow students, begin to learn about Rowan and Raeburn's stories, and explore the fictitious neighborhood of Blue Ridge, Calgary.

Want to learn more? Contact me or leave a comment, and I'll be sure to get back to you. Game best suited for players aged 13 and up. Depictions of blood and injury.


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